Ah, is there anything better than enjoying the soft glow of a sunrise or sunset at The Legendary ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa? It’s one of the many excellent reasons that so many wonderful guests visit Captiva Island each year. And we’re sure it’s something you’ve had the chance to enjoy at some point, too!

But this Holiday Season, the sun’s just the opening act! If you missed out on a chance to see the lights go live at our annual Tree Lighting Celebration, now’s your chance to experience the magic! Now through December 31st, prepare to dive into a dazzling wonderland where millions of holiday lights and decorations illuminate throughout our resort.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic escape, a family creating lasting traditions or friends gathering for a festive reunion, the holiday lights at ‘Tween Waters offer something for everyone. Indulge in a gourmet holiday dinner at Old Captiva House or the new and award-winning Crow’s Nest Steakhouse. Unwind at The Shipyard with a delicious, hand-crafted drink or explore our resort’s wonders beyond the sparkling lights. Each moment promises to be filled with warmth, laughter, and memories that will twinkle long after the holidays.

So, ditch the snow boots and swap your wool coat for a light sweater. Escape to Captiva Island and let the ‘Tween Waters Holiday Lights wrap you in its captivating glow. It’s an experience that will leave you believing in the magic of the season – and maybe even wishing for a few extra twinkle lights in your own home.

Ready to be dazzled? Book your stay at Tween Waters Island Resort today and unwrap a holiday season unlike any other.