vertical afficheIn the upcoming months, there are oodles of events to choose from to get your “party” on. Kicking off the season is the legendary (hey, they don’t call it the “Legendary ‘Tween Waters Inn” for nothing!) Hallo’Tween party, Saturday, October 29. This year’s theme will take take you back to the days of slashers, shower screams and swamp-things with “Nightmare on Captiva Drive” — a little vintage “B” horror movie fun! It’s a ghoulishly good time, but how can you tell? Here’s 7 signs you’ve partied too hard at this year’s bash:

1)   You’re still donned in glitter, makeup, fabric and plaster, and that’s just your left elbow. Hallo’Tween is known for the cleverly clad, raunchily robed and gruesomely garbed costumes.

2)   You woke up singing songs from the Brett Forman Band’s set list. Recent years’ tradition has the Brett Forman Band returning to the Hallo’Tween bash to get partygoers up and dancing all night long (or 8PM to 2PM to be specific).

3)   Your feet, legs and arms are killing you. Remember that Hocus Pocus scene where the parents can’t stop dancing? That was totally you last night.

4)   You’ve got $1000 burning a hole in your pocket. Yep, you read that right. The zaniest and best costume clad contestant receives a grand prize of $1000, and $2000 additional costume prizes (yes, they’ve upped the prize money!)

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Innsider Tip: Make your reservation ASAP to spend the weekend. After a night of spooktacular fun, you won’t want to drive home, and right now, if you enjoy two nights Halloween weekend, you’ll receive the multi-night package rate from $165 per night in a poolside guestroom — a $50 savings![/su_pullquote]

5)   You saw both the sun set and rise at ‘Tween Waters Inn. Events start at 8PM at ‘Tween Waters Inn, but you caught the sunset while prepping the perfect costume and the sunrise at your personal little after party.

6)   You’re still facedown in your hotel pillow. You booked your hotel room in advance and got a great deal on a Bayside studio, and with check out at noon, you’re still hitting the zzz’s hard.

7)   Your phone camera roll looks like it was on the set of The Hangover. You might have gone a little crazy with the camera this year, snapping photos of strangers dressed in everything from Ken Bone to a bath pouf. Hey, what’s that tiger doing in your photos?!

Whether you partied too hard, or maybe just right, the memories, or lack thereof, of this year’s party were legen…wait for it…dary. Legendary.