Ghost Stories 'Tween HistoryAs stores begin to haul out their goblins and ghouls, and Halloween decorations, I begin to prepare for one of my favorite times of year! I love history for their stories, and what’s more, I love stories that feel alive. Perhaps that’s why Halloween is one of my most anticipated holiday seasons — for the ghost stories!

‘Tween Waters Inn is steeped in a rich history, with residents dating back more than 100 years. The island itself just oozes the perfect Halloween history, with pirates keeping their prisoners “captive” on the island, hence the name Captiva Island.

And while ‘Tween Waters Inn has never had an official ghost hunter give us the verdict on paranormal activity at the resort, it’s easy to see why the possibility is very real. What began as a collection of fishing cottages, expanded to an epicenter for remote tourists beginning in 1931. Prior to that, the Captiva House restaurant stood as a one-room schoolhouse for children of Captiva’s Pioneers. If you visit today, you’ll see some of the same architecture from that school house still standing.

As you walk through the shaded boardwalk paths of the resort or skim the walls of the Captiva House, it’s not difficult to image the former famous guests of Teddy Roosevelt, Charles and Grace Morrow Lindbergh or J.N. Ding Darling doing the very same, or haunting the halls peacefully today. After all, the resort is known to have inspired artists, authors and countless others — why wouldn’t they want a little “extended” stay in paradise?

Grab your sunhat and walk beach, and you might find Charles Lindbergh haunting the beach itself. There’s something calm ad serene about the ocean that seems to call the ghosts of ‘Tweenies past to the beach, and rumor has it that Mr. Lindbergh used to land his plane right on their shores. Grab a pole and head bayside where the resort has actual photos of Teddy Roosevelt fishing the very same. If you can’t feel his presence then you can surely imagine how it would have been, with so much untouched nature and quiet serenity.

Ghost Stories 'Tween History

And while there’s no gruesome ending for any guests, nor swamp thing peeking out of the mangroves, ‘Tween Waters Inn does have their very own resident white cat who ghosts the perimeters of the property. Like most ghosts, he won’t harm anyone and has been on property for years. If you’re seeking a more “lively” bunch, there’s always the annual Hallo’Tween party, held this year indoors and out.